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Hello August :)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! :)
Dah lama tak update blog.. Rindu lah pulaaaaaa... 
Well, it's August! Haha, this year are the busiest year ever.. -.-
Busy with school.. I mean that PBS thing eee.. Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah..
Hate it so much.. -___________-
Hahahahahaha, saya tak suka study.. Kerana saya pemalas..
Bak kata Amirrul, penyakit malas.. -.-
K Amirrul, K... 

Btw, on 15th August.. It's my little bro birthday..
And on 22nd August.. It's Amirrul birthday.. My best friend! 
Amirrul is getting older.. Hahahaha, sorry.. 

Lalalalala, :)
I love my CRUSH very much! 
I'm always said to him that I love him.. And he just said, thanks.. 
Btw, he's my the best guy friend that I ever had.. 
(Amirrul jangan merajuk.. Kamu pun T.B.G.F.T.E.H.)

I think my entry for today was boring.. -.-
Well, it's been a long time I don't update my blog..
Hahahahaha, I'm broken english.. xD

 I'm always force Amirrul to update his blog..
And he said that I'm same with his father.. Haha, lawak ah Amirrul.. -.-
Btw, he face when he wear glasses was like my grandfather! xD
And when he doesn't wear glasses, I was like.. OMG! Melting.. 
Budak beberapa tangan lah katakan.. (HandSome) -.-

K, nothing else to say.. 
Hmmmmm, lalalalalalalalalalala....
Haha, k. Goodbye everyone!!! :)

Btw, Amirrul.. If you reading this..
I'm so sorry.. :)