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It's May ...

Assalamualaikum And Hello Everybody.. :)
It's May, The Month That I've Waited... My Birthday 19th May... xDD
Can't Wait For That Day.. Hahahah.. 
Dah Lama Tak Buka Blogger.. How Are You, Guys??
I Hope You All Fine.. :)
I Forgot To Update Blog On April.. I Think, It's Ok Right??
TROLOLOLOLOL... I Miss This Blog Too Muchhh.... 

Yesterday, I Went Pesta Buku Antarabangsa At PWTC With My Fellow Friends And Teachers..
Well, It's Called Lawatan Untuk PSS... :DD
I Saw Many Books There.. :D 
Aku Jumpa Kak Ain Maisarah Penulis Novel Kanak-Kanak Dan Abang Aman Wan Pelukis Komik M.. :D
Then, I Bought Their Book 'Lawak Sekolah'.. Here's The Picture..
Picture Of Me With Ain Maisarah
Picture Of Me, Friends And Aman Wan

I'm Ugly And I Know It.. :)
Memang Best Gila Waktu Tuh.. Tapi, Penat Sikit Ah Sebab Berjalan Satu PWTC Tuh.. xDD
Arekish Ada Beli Banyak Buku Komik.. Novel Tuh Sikit Jelahh.. Sebab Mahal Sangat.. -.-
Hahaha, Nevermind.. :D

On 3rd May, It's My Friend Birthday ..
Her Name Is Nik Nor Amirah.. 
She's Yoseob Wifey.. Hahahahahahaha...
Weyh Nik, Nanti Kita Bagi Hadiah Ok??? :DDD
ThenThenThen, Kita Baru Tahu Yang Hubby Kita Tuh Ada Orang Lain..
But, It's Oklahh.. Arekish Redha Jerr.. :)
Remember This Ok Hubby, DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH ME.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FARUQ ARIF... :DDD (Eeeee, Tak Malu)

Ohhhh, Dah Lama Gila Tak Edit Blog..
Rindu Pula, Tapi Dah Tak Ingat Semua Format Mengedit.. 
Alorhhh, Sedih Sedih Sedih.. T^T
It's Oklahh, Arekish Punya Blog Dah Cantik Di Mata Arekish.. Walaupun Simple Jerr..
Hahaha, Oklahh... That's All For Today Or This Month..
I Don't Know When I'll Update This Blog..
Maybe, On My Birthday .. LOL..
Ok, Goodbye.. And Thanks For Reading.. I Appreciate It So Much..